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Holiday Playbook

2019 Digital Advertising

Tis the season...

To outsell the other guy.

Simple adjustments you can make to your ad spend and strategy to adjust for increased volumes and competition during the holiday season

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With data from over 2,000 of our automotive dealership ad campaigns and insights from Google, use these tips and tactics to amp up your digital advertising strategy and outsell the competition this holiday season.

In this Holiday Season Playbook, you’ll learn:

How to tailor your ad copy and geotargeting to capture in-market, holiday shoppers

Why diversifying your strategy to different ad channels during the holiday season is so effective

With more shoppers in-market during the holiday season, dealers who don’t make a smart seasonal digital advertising strategy will get left behind. Develop a smart seasonal ad strategy and you’ll also start off 2020
on the right foot.

Calvin Mesman

Digital Solutions Director, Adpearance

51% of upcoming new car purchasers say they plan to buy around a sales event.

Source: Google Consumer Survey


4 million

For offers & sales events in November and December

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